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Updated 20:30 GMT 12 July 2022 (01:00 Kabul time GMT+4.30) 12 July 2022. REFRESH YOUR BROWSER TO HAVE THE LATEST UPDATE. We are working through visa updates by country A-Z. Australia, Belgium, Canada, France completed. Please see date update for each country below.
د ۲۰۲۲ کال د جولای په ۲۰:۳۰ GMT تازه شوی (۰۱:۰۰ د کابل وخت GMT+۴.۳۰) ۱۲ جولای ۲۰۲۲. د وروستي تازه معلوماتو لپاره خپل براوزر تازه کړئ. موږ د A-Z هیواد لخوا د ویزې تازه کولو له لارې کار کوو. استرالیا، بلجیم، کاناډا، فرانسه بشپړه شوه. مهرباني وکړئ لاندې د هر هیواد لپاره د نیټې تازه معلومات وګورئ.

NEW Earthquake update from ALCIS Geo (patience it can take a while to load. See below for a print screen from 4 July 2022). Contains data provided by United Nations Mine Action Service (UNMAS), covering UXO contaminated areas as individual polygons and European Space Agency – ESA‘s Copernicus programme’s Building Damage Assessments at the building level.
د ALCIS جیو څخه د زلزلې نوي تازه معلومات (صبر کولی شي یو څه وخت ونیسي. د 4 جولای 2022 څخه د چاپ سکرین لپاره لاندې وګورئ). د ملګرو ملتونو د ماین پاکۍ خدماتو (UNMAS) لخوا چمتو شوي معلومات لري، د UXO ککړ شوي سیمې د انفرادي پولیګونونو او د اروپا فضا اداره – د ESA د کوپرنیکس پروګرام د ودانۍ په کچه د ودانیو د زیانونو ارزونه پوښي.

See the bottom of the page for information on sources and authors. Thank you. د سرچینو او لیکوالانو په اړه د معلوماتو لپاره د پاڼې لاندې وګورئ. مننه.

**UPDATE 5 July 2022.

EARTHQUAKE INFO د زلزلې معلومات

For full resolution and other maps, go to: مهرباني وکړئ په دې لینک کلیک وکړئ ویب پاڼې ته لاړ شئ ترڅو نقشې په تفصیل سره وګورئ.: https://alcisgeo.maps.arcgis.com/home/index.html

This page will continue to be updated with information on visas. See by country below.
د ویزو په اړه معلوماتو سره په منظم ډول تازه کیږي. لاندې د هیواد له مخې وګورئ.

How to leave Afghanistan. This is an unofficial list of information and contacts. Please contact the emails given or see the details in the links. Please check with the relevant country contacts below regarding updates on the airport situation. A-Z list by country that you have worked with / wish to leave to.

څنګه افغانستان پریږدو؟ دا د معلوماتو او اړیکو غیر رسمي لیست دی. مهرباني وکړئ ورکړل شوي بریښنالیکونو سره اړیکه ونیسئ یا په لینکونو کې توضیحات وګورئ. مهرباني وکړئ د هوایی ډګر وضعیت په اړه تازه معلوماتو په اړه لاندې د اړوند هیواد اړیکو سره چیک کړئ. د هیواد له مخې د A-Z لیست چې تاسو ورسره کار کړی / پریښودل یې غواړئ.


UPDATE 4 July 2022

note, the government changed in May 2022 to Labour
آسټرالیا: یادونه ، حکومت د می په 2022 کې کار ته بدل شو.

مهرباني وکړئ په پښتو کې د ژباړې لپاره لاندې سکرول کړئ.

A message from the Department of Home Affairs to the Afghan Australian community – 29 March 2022

COMMITMENT TO AFGHANISTAN INCREASED: 31,500 visas for Afghan nationals

The Australian Government has announced​ that it will provide 31,500 places for Afghan nationals through the Humanitarian and Family Visa programs.

Humanitarian Program 
Humanitarian visa processing 
The Department continues to receive an unprecedented number of visa applications for Humanitarian visas. As a result of this demand, and in support of the Government’s Afghan specific visa commitment, dedicated teams within the Department of Home Affairs have been established to undertake priority processing of visa applications for Afghan nationals. To ensure the Department responds to those most in need, processing priority will be given to:
– former Locally Engaged Employees (LEE) and their immediate family members
– subclass 449 holders (current and former) and their immediate family members
– those with enduring links to Australia, such as Afghans who were employed by Australian non-government organisations or worked on Australian Government funded projects, and Coalition partner LEE and their immediate family who come to Australia’s attention
– vulnerable women and children
– persecuted ethnic minorities
– split families
– LGBTQI+, and
– those with proposers residing in regional Australia.
These priorities recognise the dangerous and volatile nature of the situation in Afghanistan, acknowledge those at greatest risk, and recognise the unique and exceptional contributions made by individuals and their families to the Australian and Coalition missions in Afghanistan. 
If you have already applied for an Australian visa and have not yet received a decision you do not need to apply again. This will ensure resources are focused on processing visa applications in accordance with these priorities. 

Afghan evacuees in Australia who hold a subclass 449 visa 
All Afghan evacuees in Australia who hold a subclass 449 visa are being provided with a pathway to permanent residency. The Department is actively communicating with affected subclass 449 visa holders about the next steps in the visa application process. 
The Department is also continuing to process valid permanent visa applications made by subclass 449 visa holders before they arrived in Australia. The Department will contact applicants at the next stage of the process or if any further information is required. 
Subclass 449 holders in Australia can assist us by making sure the Department has your most up to date contact details.

Migration Program 
It is estimated that at least 5,000 visas will be granted to Afghan nationals through the Family stream of the Migration Program over the next four years. This will primarily be for partners of Australian citizens and permanent residents. 
A specialised team has been established to progress Family stream applications lodged by Afghan nationals. This will ensure a consistent, focused and intensive approach is taken to resolving outstanding applications and is expected to facilitate faster processing of complex cases.  

Afghan nationals are encouraged to explore alternate migration pathways depending on their circumstances, including family links to Australia, skills and employment opportunities. Additional visa options are available through the Community Support Program, the Skilled Refugee Labour Agreement Pilot, the Family stream, and skilled visa categories.  Information on additional pathways is available at Explore visa options
The Department will continue to provide updates via the Afghanistan Update webpage as new information becomes available. Australia thanks you for your continuing patience and understanding as it responds to this situation.

Messages in other languages available​:
A message from the Department of Home Affairs to the Afghan Australian community – 21 January 2022​ – Dari (221KB PDF)
A message from the Department of Home Affairs to the Afghan Australian community – 21 January 2022  – Hazaragi (203KB PDF)
A message from the Department of Home Affairs to the Afghan Australian community – 21 January 2022 – Pashto​​​ (203KB PDF)

آسټرالیا – په یاد ولرئ ، حکومت د می په 2022 کې کار ته بدل شو

د افغانستان اسټرالیا ټولنې ته د کورنیو چارو وزارت پیغام – د ۲۰۲۲ کال د مارچ په ۲۹

له افغانستان سره ژمنه زیاته شوې: د افغانانو لپاره ۳۱۵۰۰ ویزې

د استرالیا حکومت اعلان کړی چې د بشري او کورنۍ ویزو پروګرامونو له لارې به د افغانانو لپاره ۳۱۵۰۰ ځایونه برابر کړي.

بشردوستانه پروګرام
د بشردوستانه ویزې پروسس کول
رياست د بشردوستانه ویزو لپاره د ویزو غوښتنلیکونو بې ساري شمیر ترلاسه کولو ته دوام ورکوي. د دې غوښتنې په پایله کې، او د حکومت د ځانګړي ویزې ژمنې په ملاتړ، د کورنیو چارو په وزارت کې ځانګړي ټیمونه رامینځته شوي ترڅو د افغان اتباعو د ویزې غوښتنلیکونو ته لومړیتوب ورکړي. د دې لپاره چې ډاډ ترلاسه شي چې ډیپارټمنټ د اړتیا وړ خلکو ته ځواب ووایی، د پروسس کولو لومړیتوب به ورته ورکړل شي:

  • پخوانی ځایی بوخت کارمندان (LEE) او د دوی نږدې کورنۍ غړي
  • د فرعي ټولګي 449 لرونکي (اوسني او پخواني) او د دوی نږدې کورنۍ غړي
  • هغه کسان چې له استرالیا سره تلپاتې اړیکې لري، لکه افغانان چې د استرالیا د غیر دولتي موسسو له خوا استخدام شوي یا د استرالیا د حکومت په تمویل شویو پروژو کې کار کړی، او د ایتلاف ملګري LEE او د دوی نږدې کورنۍ چې د استرالیا پام ځانته رااړوي.
  • زیانمنونکي ښځې او ماشومان
  • د توکمیزو لږکیو ځورول
  • کورنۍ ویشل
  • LGBTQI+، او
  • هغه کسان چې وړاندیز کونکي لري په سیمه ایز آسټرالیا کې اوسیږي.
    دا لومړیتوبونه په افغانستان کې د وضعیت خطرناک او بې ثباته ماهیت پیژني، هغه کسان چې په لوی خطر کې دي درک کوي، او په افغانستان کې د اسټرالیا او ایتلاف په ماموریتونو کې د افرادو او د هغوی د کورنیو لخوا ځانګړې او غیر معمولي مرستې پیژني.
    که تاسو دمخه د آسټرالیا ویزې لپاره غوښتنه کړې وي او لاهم پریکړه نه وي ترلاسه کړې نو تاسو اړتیا نلرئ بیا غوښتنه وکړئ. دا به ډاډ ترلاسه کړي چې سرچینې د دې لومړیتوبونو سره سم د ویزې غوښتنلیکونو پروسس کولو باندې تمرکز کوي.

په استرالیا کې افغان کډوال چې د فرعي ټولګي ۴۴۹ ویزه لري
په استرالیا کې ټول افغان ایستل شوي کسان چې د فرعي کلاس 449 ویزه لري د دایمي استوګنې لپاره لاره چمتو کیږي. څانګه په فعاله توګه د اغیزمن شوي فرعي کلاس 449 ویزې لرونکو سره د ویزې غوښتنلیک پروسې کې د راتلونکو مرحلو په اړه اړیکه نیسي.
ډیپارټمنټ د دایمي دایمي ویزې غوښتنلیکونو پروسې ته هم دوام ورکوي چې د فرعي کلاس 449 ویزې لرونکو لخوا استرالیا ته له رسیدو دمخه رامینځته شوي. څانګه به د پروسې په بل پړاو کې له غوښتونکو سره اړیکه ونیسي یا که نور معلومات ته اړتیا وي.
په آسټرالیا کې د فرعي کلاس 449 لرونکي کولی شي موږ سره مرسته وکړي ترڅو ډاډ ترلاسه کړي چې ډیپارټمنټ ستاسو د اړیکو تازه معلومات لري.

د مهاجرت پروګرام
اټکل کیږي چې په راتلونکو څلورو کلونو کې به لږ تر لږه ۵۰۰۰ افغانانو ته د مهاجرت د پروګرام له لارې ویزې ورکړل شي. دا به په ابتدايي توګه د اسټرالیا د اتباعو او دایمي اوسیدونکو د شریکانو لپاره وي.
د افغان اتباعو لخوا ثبت شوي د کورنۍ جریان غوښتنلیکونو پرمختګ لپاره یو متخصص ټیم رامینځته شوی. دا به ډاډ ترلاسه کړي چې د پام وړ غوښتنلیکونو حل کولو لپاره یو ثابت، متمرکز او ګړندۍ تګلاره په پام کې نیول کیږي او تمه کیږي چې د پیچلو قضیو ګړندۍ پروسس اسانه کړي.

افغان اتباع هڅول کیږي چې د دوی د شرایطو په پام کې نیولو سره د مهاجرت بدیل لارې لټوي، په شمول له آسټرالیا سره د کورنۍ اړیکې، مهارتونه او د کار فرصتونه. د ویزې اضافي اختیارونه د ټولنې د ملاتړ پروګرام، د مهارت لرونکي کډوال کارګر تړون پیلوټ، د کورنۍ جریان، او د مهارت لرونکو ویزو کټګوریو له لارې شتون لري. د اضافي لارو په اړه معلومات د ویزې اختیارونو سپړنه کې شتون لري.
څانګه به د افغانستان د تازه معلوماتو د ویب پاڼې له لارې تازه معلوماتو ته دوام ورکړي. آسټرالیا ستاسو د دوامداره صبر او درک لپاره مننه کوي ځکه چې دا وضعیت ته ځواب ورکوي.


Apply for a visa د ویزې لپاره غوښتنه وکړئ https://immi.homeaffairs.gov.au/visas/getting-a-visa/visa-finder/refugee-and-humanitarian

Belgium بیلجیم

UPDATE 6 July 2022 / تازه 6 جولای 2022

Crisis Centre of the FPS Foreign Affairs at telephone number +32 2 501 4000 (Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m., Saturday and Sunday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.).
Centre de crise du SPF Affaires étrangères au numéro de téléphone +32 2 501 4000 (du lundi au vendredi de 9h à 20h, samedi et dimanche de 10h à 17h).
Crisiscentrum van de FOD Buitenlandse Zaken op het telefoonnummer +32 2 501 4000 (maandag tot vrijdag van 9u tot 20u, zaterdag en zondag van 10u tot 17u).

Short stay VISA لنډه موده ویزه
Apply to the Embassy in Pakistan. Holders of an Afghan passport (ordinary, diplomatic and service passport) have to submit their visa application at the Embassy of Belgium in Islamabad through a Visa Application Centre of Gerry’s International/Fedex in Pakistan (Islamabad, Lahore or Karachi). Information here:
د افغان پاسپورټ لرونکي (عادي، ډیپلوماتیک او خدماتي پاسپورټ) باید خپل د ویزې غوښتنلیک په پاکستان کې د Gerry’s International – Fedex د ویزې غوښتنلیک مرکز (اسلام آباد، لاهور یا کراچۍ) له لارې په اسلام آباد کې د بلجیم سفارت ته وسپاري. نور معلومات دلته: https://pakistan.diplomatie.belgium.be/en/travel-to-belgium/visa/schengen-visa/visas-short-stay-citizens-afghanistan

Information from September 2021:
REQUIREMENTS FOR: Afghan citizens or residents who worked with the Belgian military, embassy or related missions: formally, through contractors or as ‘fixers’ may be considered for humanitarian visas.
EXIGENCES POUR : Les citoyens afghans ou les résidents qui ont travaillé avec l’armée belge, l’ambassade ou des missions connexes : formellement, par l’intermédiaire d’entrepreneurs ou en tant que « fixateurs » peuvent être considérés pour des visas humanitaires.
+92 300 855 02 27

Email your details, including work history and ID. Ensure you include a phone number and email address.
Envoyez vos coordonnées par e-mail, y compris votre historique de travail et votre pièce d’identité. Assurez-vous d’inclure un numéro de téléphone et une adresse e-mail.

Canada کاناډا

UPDATE: 6 July 2022. تازه کول: 6 جولای 2022
Refugee applications for vulnerable persons (40’000 quota announced).
Please use this questionnaire to check your eligibility. https://www.canada.ca/en/immigration-refugees-citizenship/services/refugees/afghanistan/wizard.html

د زیان منونکو کسانو لپاره د کډوالو غوښتنلیکونه (۴۰۰۰۰ کوټه اعلان شوې).
مهرباني وکړئ دا پوښتنلیک وکاروئ ترڅو خپل وړتیا وګورئ: https://www.canada.ca/en/immigration-refugees-citizenship/services/refugees/afghanistan/wizard.html

UPDATE 6 July 2022
For vulnerable refugees from Afghanistan. See here: https://www.canada.ca/en/immigration-refugees-citizenship/services/refugees/afghanistan/special-measures.html
Contact using this web form https://specialmeasures-mesuresspeciales.apps.cic.gc.ca/en/ . Please don’t send photos or other attachments until asked.
Contact by phone at +1-613-321-4243 Available both inside Canada and abroad, Monday to Friday, 6:30 a.m. to 7 p.m. (ET). They will accept charges for collect calls or calls with reverse charges


General updates (current 6 July 2022).

Canadian Citizens: If you need assistance to leave Afghanistan, please contact the government on sos@international.gc.ca, or by phone at +1 613 996 8885. You can also text +1 613 686 3658.
(The Canadian Embassy in Afghanistan has temporarily suspended its operations.)


REQUIREMENTS FOR: Entry for Chinese citizens and visa holders. Processes may be delayed due to a local stay-at-home order given to Chinese nationals. Emergency papers available for nationals married to Chinese citizens.

+93 20 210 2545 (Kabul)

WHAT TO DO: Proceed as you would normally apply for a visa; expect delays, more appropriate for medium to low risk applicants.

Czech Republic

REQUIREMENTS FOR: Afghan citizens who previously worked for the Ministry of Defense of the Czech Republic affiliated entities, including interpreters and their families.


Email your details, including work history. Ensure you include a phone number and email address. The Czech Republic has previously asked that those they are assisting are within reach of the airport. Be sure to highlight your location to them.


REQUIREMENTS FOR: those covered by the 2013 Interpreters Act. This includes those who assisted the Danish effort in Afghanistan and who are directly menaced or Imperilled as a result of having assisted the Danish effort. Will include immediate family, the local employee’s spouse / cohabitant and unmarried children under the age of 18, as well as anyone you are responsible for e.g. a more distant disabled family member.

Danish Embassy in Kabul (kblamb@um.dk)
Danish Embassy in Islamabad (isbamb@um.dk)
Danish Military for Interpreter Requests (interpreters@mil.dk)

Email your details, including work history. Ensure you include a phone number and email address.


Finnish Citizens: If you are in Afghanistan, and did not file a travel registration form prior to arriving/have not contacted the embassy, you should immediately contact them on +358 9 1605 5555 or by e-mail at paivystys.um@formin.fi . The Finnish Ministry of Foreign Affairs believes they have made contact with all Finnish citizens; so if you have not heard from them – contact them immediately.

France فرانسه

UPDATE 12 July 2022.
Appointments for evacuation or asylum requests for Afghan nationals who are on Pakistani territory must be requested at the following address:
Les rendez-vous pour les demandes d’évacuation ou d’asile pour les ressortissants afghans qui se trouvent sur le territoire pakistanais doivent être sollicitées à l’adresse suivante :
د افغان اتباعو لپاره چې د پاکستان په خاوره کې دي د ویستلو یا پناه غوښتنې لپاره د ملاقات غوښتنه باید په لاندې پته وشي:

For all visa requests in Teheran, please check the following site : https://ir.ambafrance.org/Demander-un-visa-pour-la-France-en-Iran 
For all visa requests in New Delhi, please check the following site : https://in.ambafrance.org/Applying-for-a-French-visa-in-Indi


UPDATE 21:30 GMT 21 August 2021
REQUIREMENTS FOR: local staff from German organizations / institutions and Afghans with a German residence permit. Those who worked with the German government or military are prioritised, also valuable for those who have engaged in EU-funded human rights activities in Afghanistan. د آلمان د سازمانونو یا ادارو څخه د ځایی کارمندانو لپاره ، او د آلمان د اوسیدو جواز لرونکي افغانانو لپاره. هغه څوک چې د آلمان حکومت یا اردو سره کار کوي لومړیتوب لري. همدارنګه د هغو کسانو لپاره چې په افغانستان کې د EU لخوا تمویل شوي بشري حقونو فعالیتونو کې بوخت دي.
VORAUSSETZUNGEN FÜR: lokales Personal von deutschen Organisationen / Institutionen und Afghanen mit deutschem Aufenthaltstitel. Diejenigen, die mit der deutschen Regierung oder dem Militär zusammengearbeitet haben, werden bevorzugt, was auch für diejenigen wertvoll ist, die sich an EU-finanzierten Menschenrechtsaktivitäten in Afghanistan beteiligt haben.

HOW / WHO TO CONTACT: 040.krise19@diplo.de

WHAT TO DO: send an email to:
names of all persons
dates of birth
passport numbers
contact (cell phone, email, etc.)
Your work history.

WAS ZU TUN IST: Senden Sie eine E-Mail an:
Namen aller Personen
Kontakt (Handy, E-Mail, etc.)
Ihr beruflicher Werdegang.

German nationals, please contact: 0049 (0)30 1817 1000 or 0049 (0)30 5000 1000

Updates: https://www.auswaertiges-amt.de/de/aussenpolitik/afghanistan/2477396


Hungarian Citizens: The Hungarian government at this time is not confident in their assessment of the number, geographical distribution or status of its nationals in Afghanistan. You should contact them to ensure they are aware of your location, contact details and passport information at +36-1-458-1178 or +36-1-458-1253, or via email at mission.isl@mfa.gov.hu .


REQUIREMENTS FOR: Those who are of Indian heritage, nationality or hold citizenship; as well as Shi’a and other minorities including Hazara, Hindus and Sikhs who face increased risk from Taliban. Afghan applicants are currently having their visa requests expedited.
د دې لپاره اړتیاوې: هغه څوک چې د هندي میراث ، تابعیت یا تابعیت لري؛ په بیله بیا شیعه او نور اقلیتونه پشمول هزاره ، هندوان او سیکان چې د طالبانو له ډیر خطر سره مخ دي. افغان غوښتونکي دا مهال د ویزې غوښتنې ګړندۍ کوي.

+91 97 17 78 5379
+91 11 49 01 6783
+91 11 49 01 6784
+91 11 49 01 6785
WhatsApp number: +91 8010611290


WHAT TO DO: Send an email. Include your documentation that demonstrates status, and contact details, as well as your location. څه باید وکړو: بریښنالیک واستوئ. خپل اسناد پکې شامل کړئ چې وضعیت ښیې ، او د اړیکې توضیحات ، په بیله بیا ستاسو موقعیت.
Apply for a visa via the weblink https://indianvisaonline.gov.in/evisa/Registration


NGO assistance for Sikhs and Hindus, coordinating with Indian Govt:
+91 98107 90373

Indian Citizens: If you remain in Afghanistan, please contact the MEA at +91 9717785379 and by email at MEAHelpdeskIndia@gmail.com. They will coordinate with you to assist your evacuation.


REQUIREMENTS FOR: Will support Shi’a Muslims in exiting the country, though have a significantly reduced diplomatic presence: only Kabul and Herat remain open.
شرایط: برای حمایت از مسلمانان شیعه در خروج از کشور ، اگرچه حضور دیپلماتیک آنها به میزان قابل توجهی کاهش یافته است: فقط کابل و هرات باز هستند.

+93 20 210 1391 97 (Kabul)
+93 40220 013
+93 40 225 821 / 0 (Herat)

WHAT TO DO: Proceed as you would normally apply for a visa; process may be expedited.


Irish Citizens: Any citizen in Afghanistan in need of assistance can contact the Irish Embassy in Abu Dhabi by Telephone at +971 (0) 24958200, or use the contact form (https://www.dfa.ie/irish-embassy/uae/contact-us/). The Irish Embassy in the UAE is the accredited location for Afghanistan at this time.


REQUIREMENTS FOR: Afghans or other residents of Afghanistan who are Jewish may apply for assistance.

+972 (0) 25 30 3155


Ensure you include a reachable phone number and email address. Include your exact location (coordinates for ease).


REQUIREMENTS FOR: Afghan citizens who previously worked for the Italian Embassy and Mission in Afghanistan.
REQUISITI PER: Cittadini afgani che hanno precedentemente lavorato per l’Ambasciata e Missione italiana in Afghanistan.


Email your details, including work history. Ensure you include a phone number and email address.
COSA FARE: inviare via e-mail i tuoi dettagli, inclusa la cronologia lavorativa. Assicurati di includere un numero di telefono e un indirizzo email.


REQUIREMENTS FOR: Ethnic Kazakhs may apply for entry permits and visas, depending on existing documentation, at the Embassy, which remains open though operated by a significantly reduced number of staff.

+93 20 230 05 52
+93 78 755 50 11

WHAT TO DO: Proceed as you would normally apply for a visa; expect delays, more appropriate for medium to low risk applicants. By appointment only.


Kazakh Citizens: The Embassy and MFA currently state that they have successfully evacuated all Kazakhstan nationals in Afghanistan. If this is not the case, and you need assistance, reach out to them at kezekshi@mfa.kz; or by phone on +7 (7172) 72 01 11.


Nepalese Citizens: Nepalese in Afghanistan are requested to register themselves at http://mofa.gov.np/registration, they can also contact MOFA at +977-9749326458 and +977-9749326459 (Viber and WhatsApp). Nepalese may also contact the accredited Nepal Mission at New Delhi on +91 8929601925. The government will assist in locating and coordinating evacuation flights.


REQUIREMENTS FOR: Those who worked with the Netherlands are prioritised, also valuable for those who have engaged in EU-funded human rights activities in Afghanistan. Expected to include female journalists and humanitarians soon, due to a parliamentary vote. Details forthcoming.
VEREISTEN VOOR: Degenen die met Nederland hebben gewerkt hebben prioriteit, ook waardevol voor degenen die zich hebben ingezet voor door de EU gefinancierde mensenrechtenactiviteiten in Afghanistan. Naar verwachting zullen er binnenkort vrouwelijke journalisten en humanitaire hulpverleners zijn, vanwege een parlementaire stemming. Details volgen.

+31 247 247 247
(WhatsApp) +31 6 82388055

Email your details, including work history. Ensure you include a phone number and email address.
E-mail uw gegevens, inclusief werkgeschiedenis. Zorg ervoor dat u een telefoonnummer en e-mailadres vermeldt.

New Zealand

REQUIREMENTS FOR: People who helped the NZDF, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, or gave assistance to the Operation Burnham inquiry. This includes contractors. Their families, partners and children can be included in the request to leave.

nzembassytehran@hotmail.co.nz (Embassy in Iran is accredited for Afghanistan)

Email an explanation demonstrating your eligibility, supporting documentation, a copy of the passport (or other form of photo ID) for each individual and their immediate family covered by this request. Be sure to include contact details, including phone number and location (coordinates preferred due to challenge of mapping Afghanistan).


**emergency visas for journalists, NGO staff and diplomats – Pakistan**

UPDATE: 15H GMT 21 August 2021
REQUIREMENTS FOR: Processing expedited visas and consular services for those who would ordinarily be eligible to enter Pakistan. Will issue emergency visas for journalists, NGO staff and diplomats. You can walk in to the Embassy to get these visas; no appointment necessary.

پا کستان هیواد بیړنی ویزی د ژورنالستانو ، غیر دولتی کارمندانو او ډيپلوماتو دپاره 

هغه ویزی چی ډیر زر اجرا کیږی او مشوره کوونکی خدمات دهغه وړ کسانو دپاره چی په عادی توګه غواړی پاکستان ته داخل شی. بیړنی ویزی به یوازی هغه ژورنالستانو ، غیر دولتی کارمندانو او ډيپلوماتانو ته ورکړل شی.تاسی کوالی شی چی د سفارت په طرف لاړشی ، هیس کوم یو ملاقات یا انتظار ته ضرورت نشته

څه باید وکی: که چیری تاسی ویزه لری، پاسپورټ او خپل تذکره لا زان سره ولری.که چیری تاسی مخکی نه د پاکستان هوایی پرواز دپاره ټکټ اخیستی وی .ستاسی هوایی پرواز به مخکی لاړ شی مګر د تورخم ځمکي لا لاری نه . سفارت به ددی په اړه تاسی ته بشپړ معلومات درکی. 

تقاضے: ان لوگوں کے لیے تیزی سے ویزا اور قونصلر خدمات پر کارروائی جو عام طور پر پاکستان میں داخل ہونے کے اہل ہوں گے۔ صحافیوں ، این جی او کے عملے اور سفارت کاروں کے لیے ہنگامی ویزے جاری کریں گے۔ آپ ویزا حاصل کرنے کے لیے سفارت خانے میں جا سکتے ہیں۔ کوئی تقرری ضروری نہیں
متطلبات: معالجة التأشيرات والخدمات القنصلية العاجلة لأولئك الذين سيكونون مؤهلين عادةً لدخول باكستان. سيصدر تأشيرات طارئة للصحفيين وموظفي المنظمات غير الحكومية والدبلوماسيين. يمكنك الذهاب إلى السفارة للحصول على هذه التأشيرات ؛ لا يوجد موعد ضروري.

EXIGENCES POUR : Traiter les visas accélérés et les services consulaires pour ceux qui seraient normalement éligibles pour entrer au Pakistan. Délivrera des visas d’urgence pour les journalistes, le personnel des ONG et les diplomates. Vous pouvez vous rendre à l’ambassade pour obtenir ces visas ; aucun rendez-vous nécessaire.

Visa Officer: (+93) 70 072 8627
Visa Assistance: (+93) 78 632 4769
Ambassador’s Office: (+93) 70 730 0900

WHAT TO DO: Have your passport and national ID ready. If you have been booked on a flight to Pakistan; your flight will go ahead in the form of a land-border crossing via Torkham. The Embassy will provide details.


Philipino Citizens: The Philippines have issued a mandatory evacuation order. Any citizens currently in Afghanistan must make contact with the government. This can be done either through Whatsapp/Viber: +923335244762; or by reaching out to the accredited embassy in Pakistan. Their details are isbpeatn@gmail.com. You may also use the Facebook Messaging service, https://www.facebook.com/atnofficers.islamabadpe or https://www.facebook.com/OFWHelpPH. These messages are being reviewed 24/7.


Romanian Citizens: Foreign Ministry strongly recommends that you contact the Embassy in Islamabad, the accredited embassy, as a matter of urgency. You can phone +92 51 843 6662, +92 51 8441476, +92 51 8436601, or +92 51 8436602. You may also email contact@informatiiconsulare.ro, or use the online contact form: https://www.econsulat.ro/.

South Africa

South African Citizens: Contact (+27) 012 351 1000 or (+92) 304 371 1869, and email your details to islamabad.consular@dirco.gov.za for assistance in departing Afghanistan. Consular matters are being managed by the High Commission in Pakistan at this time, but they have some technical limitations at the moment. As such, ensure you also contact the DIRCO Consular Section at Head Office by email: cicc1@dirco.gov.za.


REQUIREMENTS FOR: Afghan citizens who previously worked for the Spanish military and embassy operations in Afghanistan, including interpreters and their families.

+93 202 310 406 (Cannot at this time confirm as still in operation)

Email your details, including work history. Ensure you include a phone number and email address.


REQUIREMENTS FOR: Afghan citizens who previously worked for the Swedish Armed Forces or Swedish Embassy.


Put ‘Contact 2021’ in the subject line to the above email address.
Email your details, including work history. Ensure you include a phone number and email address.

Switzerland / Suisse / Schweiz

REQUIREMENTS FOR: Afghan citizens who previously worked for the Swiss government, even where contracted through agencies. Swiss confirmed they will only take small numbers, restricted to those they employed.
EXIGENCES POUR: Citoyens afghans qui ont déjà travaillé pour le gouvernement suisse, même lorsqu’ils ont été contractés par l’intermédiaire d’agences. Les Suisses ont confirmé qu’ils n’en prendraient qu’un petit nombre, limité à ceux qu’ils employaient.
VORAUSSETZUNGEN FÜR: Afghanische Staatsbürger, die zuvor für die Schweizer Regierung gearbeitet haben, auch wenn sie von Agenturen beauftragt wurden. Swiss bestätigte, dass sie nur eine kleine Anzahl von Personen aufnehmen werden, die auf die von ihnen beschäftigten Personen beschränkt sind.

doha@eda.admin.ch (Kabul staff are in Doha. Le personnel de Kaboul est à Doha. Kabuler Mitarbeiter sind in Doha)

Email your work details including your work history. Ensure you include a phone number and email address.
Envoyez par e-mail les détails de votre travail, y compris votre historique de travail. Assurez-vous d’inclure un numéro de téléphone et une adresse e-mail.
Senden Sie Ihre Arbeitsdetails, einschließlich Ihres Arbeitsverlaufs, per E-Mail. Stellen Sie sicher, dass Sie eine Telefonnummer und eine E-Mail-Adresse angeben.


REQUIREMENTS FOR: Entry via third countries remains possible; with some limited border flow anticipated to be available: only to those who would normally be eligible for a Tajik visa. Processes are delayed. Ethnic Tajiks encouraged to apply.

Kabul: tajembkabul@mfa.tj +93 784 098 355
Fayzabad: faizobod_ctj@mail.ru +93 793 267 245
Kunduz: consultjkunduz@gmail.ru +93 79 826 5872
Mazar: krt_mazar@yahoo.com +93 79 944 8301

Proceed as you would normally apply for a visa; expect delays, more appropriate for medium to low risk applicants.


REQUIREMENTS FOR: Turkey is processing expedited visas and providing consular services for those of Turkish origin or ancestry, who would ordinarily be able to apply.
Türkiye, normalde başvuruda bulunabilecek Türk kökenli veya soyundan gelenler için hızlandırılmış vizeleri işleme koymakta ve konsolosluk hizmetleri sunmaktadır.

+93 79 782 82 83 (Kabul)
+93 79 840 11 77 (Mazar)
+93 79 182 79 76 (Herat)
+90 312 292 2929 (MOFA Call Centre)

Proceed as you would normally apply for a visa; process may be expedited.
Normalde vize başvurusu yaptığınız gibi devam edin; süreç hızlandırılabilir.


REQUIREMENTS FOR: Afghans who supported the UAE humanitarian work in the country are not regarded to be at high risk; but you may wish to enquire with the staff about potential paperwork to allow for entry on routes to the US if you supported multiple missions.

+93 78 686 8687

WHAT TO DO: Email your details, including work history. Ensure you include a phone number and email address.


UPDATE 11:10 GMT 25 August 2021

Consular hotline: +44 (0)20 7008 0999 fcdo.correspondence@fcdo.gov.uk (put ‘urgent consular’ in the subject line).
If you need assistance, call +44 (0)1908 516666 and select the option ‘Consular services for British nationals’. or email help@fco.gov.uk
See the UK Afghanistan travel advice ( https://www.gov.uk/foreign-travel-advice/afghanistan ) for more information.

Staff from the British embassy cannot travel outside of Kabul due to the security situation; this severely limits the consular assistance offered. It is extremely important that this phone number is used for people to register their need for help, not to ask for updates, which the UK cannot currently provide.

22 August: NEW PAGE https://www.gov.uk/guidance/support-for-british-and-non-british-nationals-in-afghanistan


د افغانستان اړیکې او د مرستې پالیسي (ARAP)
که تاسو په افغانستان کې یو غیر برتانوی تبعه یاست ، یا د دوی د کورنۍ غړی یاست ، او تاسو مرستې ته اړتیا لرئ ،
call +44 (0)24 7538 9980.
تاسو کولی شئ د سهار له 9 بجو څخه تر 11 بجو پورې (د انګلستان وخت GMT) تر 22 اګست پورې تلیفون وکړئ. د اګست له سهار 9 بجو څخه دا شمیره 24/7 شتون لري. توضیحات چمتو کړئ ، پشمول د: ستاسو د پیژندنې سند کې ستاسو بشپړ نوم ، ستاسو د کار تاریخ ، د پاسپورټونو سکینونه او د کار ID (د تذکرې شمیره).
Afghan relocations and assistance policy (ARAP) (https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/afghan-relocations-and-assistance-policy/afghan-relocations-and-assistance-policy-information-and-guidance)

د ویزې برنامه ممکن پراخه شي ترڅو نور فرعي قراردادیان پکې شامل کړي. لاندې ډلې اوس وړ دي (لکه د اګست په 22):

  • اوسني یا پخواني شیونینګ پوهان
  • هغه خلک چې موجوده رخصتۍ لري یا د زده کونکي ، کار او کورنۍ ویزو لپاره خلاص غوښتنلیک
  • ژورنالیستان او هغه څوک چې د برتانیا خبري اژانسونو سره کار کوي
  • د ښځو د حقونو لپاره د مدني ټولنو غړي
  • د افغان حکومت چارواکي
    -هغه چارواکي چې د ترهګرۍ او مخدره توکو پر ضد مبارزه کې کار کوي
  • د خیریه ادارو ، بشردوستانه سازمانونو او نادولتي مؤسسو کارمندان

-> دلته غوښتنه وکړئ: د ARAP آنلاین ځای په ځای کیدو فورمه

Afghan/Non-British: Any current or former Locally Employed Staff assessed to be at serious risk of threat to life will be offered priority relocation to the UK regardless of their employment status, rank or role, or length of time served.

If you are a non-British national in Afghanistan, or their family member, and you need assistance,
call +44 (0)2475 389980.
You can call between 9am and 11pm (GMT UK time) until 22 August. From 9am 23 August the number is available 24/7. Have details ready, including : your full name on your identity document, your work history, scans of passports and work IDs (Tazkira number) .
Afghan relocations and assistance policy (ARAP) (https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/afghan-relocations-and-assistance-policy/afghan-relocations-and-assistance-policy-information-and-guidance)

The visa programme may also be expanded to include other sub-contractors. The following groups are eligible NOW (as at 22 August):
– current or former Chevening Scholars
– people with existing leave or an open application for student, work, and family visas
– journalists and those who worked with British news agencies
– members of civil society groups for womens’ rights
– Afghan government officials
– officials working in counter-terrorism and counter-narcotics
– employees of charities, humanitarian organisations and NGOs

-> APPLY HERE: ARAP online relocation form


زیان منونکي غیر برتانوي اتباع مرستې ته اړتیا لري: که تاسو زیان منونکي یاست او له افغانستان څخه تیښتې ته اړ شوي یاست ، تاسو کولی شئ د افغان اتباعو د بیا میشته کیدو سکیم لاندې په انګلستان کې ځای په ځای شئ.
Vulnerable non-British nationals in need of assistance: If you are vulnerable and have been forced to flee Afghanistan, you may be able to relocate in the UK under the Afghan citizens’ resettlement scheme (https://www.gov.uk/guidance/afghan-citizens-resettlement-scheme)


Most operations at the British Embassy in Kabul are temporarily suspended in response to the deterioration in the security situation. The embassy site has relocated.

The British Embassy Kabul provides a number of free informative notes that can be downloaded and used in place of some certificates which may otherwise be charged for:
Confirmation of British Nationality (PDF, 148KB https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/523867/Confirmation_of_British_Nationality.pdf)
Holder of a British Passport (PDF, 132KB https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/523868/Holder_of_a_British_Passport.pdf)
Visa Recommendations (PDF, 117KB https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/523869/Visa_Recommendations.pdf)


UPDATE 22:00 GMT 25 August 2021.

US Citizens: For repatriation, the State Department emergency line can be reached at +1 202 501 4444 or 1 888 407 4747; or email KabulACS@state.gov. You must find your own way to Kabul airport

Non-US Citizens:

په کابل کې د متحده ایالاتو سفارت کې د ویزې پروسس په اړه تازه معلومات

UPDATE 10:15 GMT 23 August 2021.

I submitted an SIV petition. How do I find out the status of my application? Please see this webpage: https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/us-visas/immigrate/special-immg-visa-afghans-employed-us-gov.html
When the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) approves your I-360 petition and it reaches the National Visa Center (NVC), you will be advised by email and provided with instructions. If you believe that you have an approved petition, but you have not been contacted by NVC, or you have questions about your pending SIV case after the petition has been approved, please email NVC at NVCSIV@state.gov or call 1-603-334-0828 and provide your U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) receipt number, full name, and date of birth. Customer Service Representatives at NVC are available from 7:30 a.m. to midnight (EST). 

ما د SIV غوښتنه وړاندې کړه. زه څنګه کولی شم زما د غوښتنلیک حالت ومومم؟ مهرباني وکړئ دا ویب پاageه وګورئ: https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/us-visas/immigrate/special-immg-visa-afghans-employed-us-gov.html
کله چې د متحده ایالاتو تابعیت او کډوالۍ خدمات (USCIS) ستاسو I-360 غوښتنلیک تصویب کړي او دا د ملي ویزې مرکز (NVC) ته ورسیږي ، تاسو ته به د بریښنالیک له لارې مشوره درکړل شي او لارښوونې به ورکړل شي. که تاسو باور لرئ چې تاسو تصویب شوی غوښتنلیک لرئ ، مګر د NVC لخوا تاسو سره اړیکه نده نیول شوې ، یا د غوښتنلیک تصویب کیدو وروسته ستاسو د SIV قضیې په اړه پوښتنې لرئ ، مهرباني وکړئ NVC ته په NVCSIV@state.gov بریښنالیک وکړئ یا 1-603 ته زنګ ووهئ 334-0828 او ستاسو د متحده ایالاتو تابعیت او کډوالۍ خدمات (USCIS) د رسید شمیره ، بشپړ نوم ، او د زیږون نیټه چمتو کړئ. په NVC کې د پیرودونکو خدماتو استازي د سهار له 7:30 څخه تر نیمې شپې (EST) پورې شتون لري.

TO APPLY FOR A VISA Choose 1) or 2) د ویزې لپاره غوښتنه وکړئ 1) یا 2 غوره کړئ)

1) REQUIREMENTS FOR : Non-U.S. Citizens awaiting an Immigrant Visa may be processed after US citizens and those with Lawful Permanent Residency.
HOW / WHO TO CONTACT: 19:45 GMT 21 August 2021 Afghan nationals who are eligible for the SIV program who have not yet done so, are encouraged to submit one complete application package to the National Visa Center (AfghanSIVapplication@state.gov) to facilitate processing in an expeditious manner. 
WHAT TO DO: Please refer to https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/us-visas/immigrate/special-immg-visa-afghans-employed-us-gov.html for more information IF YOU ARE ELIGIBLE regarding the SIV process and who to contact with questions.

هغه افغان اتباع چې د SIV برنامې لپاره وړ دي چې تر دې دمه یې ندي کړي ، هڅول کیږي چې د غوښتنلیک یوه بشپړه کڅوړه د ملي ویزې مرکز (AfghanSIVapplication@state.gov) ته وسپاري ترڅو په ګړندي ډول پروسس اسانه کړي.
مهرباني وکړئ د نورو معلوماتو لپاره https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/us-visas/immigrate/special-immg-visa-afghans-employed-us-gov.html ته مراجعه وکړئ که تاسو د SIV په اړه مستحق یاست پروسه او څوک چې د پوښتنو سره اړیکه ونیسي.

2) REQUIREMENTS for: Afghans with SIV approved or pending status. هغه افغانان چې د SIV تایید یا پاتې حالت لري.

+1 603 334 0828
For emergencies, call +1 202 501 4444

+1 888 407 4747
+1 703 693 0799

2a) Have your application number ready.


Click on the below for:
Employed by USA: P1 and P2 refugee admission programme

UPDATE 25 August: For inquiries and information regarding P1/P2 referrals for USG partners:
USAID partner staff please contact Mission/development: usaidafghansupportcell@usaid.gov
BHA: AfghanCEDC_Prgrams@usaid.gov

State partners please contact:
PRM: PRMNGOCoordinator@state.gov
INL: INL-Afghan-TaskForce@state.gov
DRL: DRL-SCA-ProgramInfo@state.gov

Assisted the USA: Special Immigrant visa
Family reunification


REQUIREMENTS FOR: Entry via third countries remains possible; with some limited border flow anticipated to be available: only to those who would normally be eligible for an Uzbek visa. Processes are delayed. Ethnic Uzbeks encouraged to apply.

+93 20 250 04 31 (Kabul)
+93 50 200 27 13 (Mazar)

WHAT TO DO: Proceed as you would normally apply for a visa; expect delays, more appropriate for medium to low risk applicants. Appointment only, contact prior to attending.

Other info:

Please note that the below information has not been updated since August 2021
Follow this link for steps on how to apply for a visa if you worked with the following countries: USA, UK, Canada, Germany, Netherlands, India

د ویزې لپاره غوښتنلیک څرنګوالي په اړه د ګامونو لپاره دا لینک تعقیب کړئ که تاسو لاندې هیوادونو سره کار کړی وي: متحده ایالات ، انګلستان ، کاناډا ، جرمني ، هالنډ ، هند.


This information page was first published 19 August 2021 by Giji Gya with visa information compiled by Charlemagne Gomez. Updates will be added from official sources and time & date indicated for each country update as received.
دا معلوماتي پاڼه په لومړي ځل د ۲۰۲۱ کال د اګست په ۱۹مه د ویزې معلوماتو سره د افغانانو د ملګرو لخوا ترتیب شوې وه. تازه معلومات به د رسمي سرچینو څخه اضافه شي او وخت او نیټه به د هر هیواد تازه معلومات لپاره ښودل شوي لکه څنګه چې ترلاسه شوي.