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Taking Care of Countering the Business of Trafficking in Human Beings“, Gya, Giji, in
Family, Separation and Migration: An Evolution-Involution of the Global Refugee Crisis
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(In English: The_European_Union_approach_to_handling organized crime: assertion versus practice)

We must find a non-military solution to peace in Libya – Euro Express, 11 March 2011.

Shoring up the EU’s Public Diplomacy in CSDP – November 2010 European Security Review no. 52, ISIS Europe, with Paul Sturm.

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Breaking the EU silos in CFSP – an organisational change professional needed, European Security Review no. 49, May 2010.

Enacting the Lisbon Treaty for CSDP: Bright lights or a tunnel?’ European Security Review no. 47, ISIS Europe, December 2009.

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